Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Hine

Well, we've officially tied the knot and I'll be posting pictures from the big day soon, but wanted to at least give everyone a snapshot of what is to come.  Copy (I can't figure out how to get this on as a link) the URL below to view a slideshow of our wedding day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Invitations are out!!!!!

Our wedding invitations are out and we are looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it very soon! Just a few tidbits about the wedding......

~We will be processing from the church to the reception so ladies if you plan to wear some stylish heels that are fabulous but not so conducive to comfortable walking, please throw some flip flops in your purse because you won't want to miss the procession.

~The name of the restaurant where the welcome reception will take place has changed from Quantum to Mondial. It is still the same location so just follow the map and be mindful of the name change.

Canary Hotel

We've reserved a block of 24 rooms under the Hine/Battle Wedding at a discounted rate of $265/night at the Canary Hotel (formerly Hotel Andalucia). The rooms typically go for a minimum of $405 per night in this luxurious boutique hotel located at the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. This is a phenomenal deal! The bride & groom will be staying here for the weekend so book your room and let's keep the party going. This hotel is conveniently located 6 blocks from the church where we'll say our vows and just 2.5 blocks (stumbling distance) from the historic El Paseo where we'll have our reception celebration. If this isn't for you, then check out our other recommendations:

Downtown: Great location in relation to the festivities. And reasonably priced! Another boutique hotel. Upscale B&B. It has an outstanding restaurant within.

By the beach: Charming and reasonably priced on East Beach. Formerly the Radisson. Medium price range. World class luxury on the beach. This illustrious hotel featured in Conde Nast Magazine is an experience in and of itself! Amazing spa and restaurant.

Nestled on the American Riviera: Breathtaking views of the Channel Islands. Elegant & Classy! Ranch style cottages. Peace, quiet & relaxation in Montecito.

More fun bridal showers

I feel so blessed to be marrying into such a wonderful family with close friends equaling our own family friends. Take a peek at some of the photos from two bridal showers........

Chico family & friends shower hosted
by close friend Sue Matheson

My Maid of Honor- Lisa

Everyone needs a good hand held blender

Allison and I at a shower in Sacramento hosted
by close Hine family friend Vikki McGahn

Monday, July 14, 2008

Express Jet Airlines update

We've just been informed that Express Jet will no longer be flying effective September 1, 2008 due to the cost of fuel. The airline WILL NOT be contacting those who have airfare booked, rather you will need to contact them directly in order to get your money refunded. We apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who has booked per our recommendation through this airline.

Some alternatives: If you are flying from Chico or Sacramento, you can catch a flight via San Francisco into the Santa Barbara Airport on SkyWest by United. Unfortunately, the cost is higher but is very convenient to land in Santa Barbara. From Sacramento there is also often a cheap flight on Southwest Airlines into Burbank where you can rent a car and then drive about an hour and a half north to Santa Barbara.

Our 1st Bridal Shower

We recently had the opportunity to vist Wisconsin for the 4th of July and our first bridal shower hosted by the Aunties Stoklasa. Many of you know that Jonathan's little sister is also getting married in October so the shower was a joint and co-ed occasion. Very, very fun stuff!! I'm so lucky to be marrying into such a warm and welcoming family. Brats, beer, Wisconsin trivia, the Newlywed was AWSOME!!!

Grandma Jane and the happy couples

Jon and his sister Elizabeth

Jon's brother Jeff & his girlfriend Liz!

Jon, Mom & Dad

the brides: Jon's sister Allison & I

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Meowgi & Boris the Blade

Our newest additions!

& Boris
They're so much fun!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Planning the wedding has given us the opportunity to re-connect with so many loved ones!!! We'd love to know if you've visited our blog and what you think. All you have to do is click on the word "comments" and you can give us your suggestions or ask any questions that you may have and we'll get back to you. Can't wait to see you all in November!!!!!

A tribute to Mom & Dad Battle........

Jonathan and I just had the privledge of helping my parents celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary! So we decided to cook for them at our humble abode. They spent a week with us on the central coast and then we took a road trip in the RV up to Napa for one of the most beautiful and heartfelt weddings I've been to in my life. My parents are an amazing example for Jon and I as we plan the rest of our lives together! Leo and Terry are unconditionally loving, generous to a fault and just plain fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for a brilliant week and for encouraging us to make our special day exactly what we want it to be.........oh yeah, and for footin' the bill!

These were the most gigantic and beautiful tulips I've ever seen. The picture doesn't come close to doing them justice.
Us at the Peju winery in Yountville.
Artesa winery overlooking the entire Napa Valley, coolest winery have to go there!
Jonathan enjoying traveling in the luxury of the RV

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Save the Date

November 8, 2008 is our day! We want as many of our friends and family as possible to be here in Santa Barbara to help us celebrate. In an effort to help coordinate your stay we'll be posting several hotel, airline and activities links. So check the blog from time-to-time to see what's new with the Hine/Battle wedding. As you can see we're already having tons of fun with all of the planning!