Thursday, March 27, 2008


Planning the wedding has given us the opportunity to re-connect with so many loved ones!!! We'd love to know if you've visited our blog and what you think. All you have to do is click on the word "comments" and you can give us your suggestions or ask any questions that you may have and we'll get back to you. Can't wait to see you all in November!!!!!

A tribute to Mom & Dad Battle........

Jonathan and I just had the privledge of helping my parents celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary! So we decided to cook for them at our humble abode. They spent a week with us on the central coast and then we took a road trip in the RV up to Napa for one of the most beautiful and heartfelt weddings I've been to in my life. My parents are an amazing example for Jon and I as we plan the rest of our lives together! Leo and Terry are unconditionally loving, generous to a fault and just plain fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for a brilliant week and for encouraging us to make our special day exactly what we want it to be.........oh yeah, and for footin' the bill!

These were the most gigantic and beautiful tulips I've ever seen. The picture doesn't come close to doing them justice.
Us at the Peju winery in Yountville.
Artesa winery overlooking the entire Napa Valley, coolest winery have to go there!
Jonathan enjoying traveling in the luxury of the RV