Monday, September 8, 2008

Invitations are out!!!!!

Our wedding invitations are out and we are looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it very soon! Just a few tidbits about the wedding......

~We will be processing from the church to the reception so ladies if you plan to wear some stylish heels that are fabulous but not so conducive to comfortable walking, please throw some flip flops in your purse because you won't want to miss the procession.

~The name of the restaurant where the welcome reception will take place has changed from Quantum to Mondial. It is still the same location so just follow the map and be mindful of the name change.

Canary Hotel

We've reserved a block of 24 rooms under the Hine/Battle Wedding at a discounted rate of $265/night at the Canary Hotel (formerly Hotel Andalucia). The rooms typically go for a minimum of $405 per night in this luxurious boutique hotel located at the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. This is a phenomenal deal! The bride & groom will be staying here for the weekend so book your room and let's keep the party going. This hotel is conveniently located 6 blocks from the church where we'll say our vows and just 2.5 blocks (stumbling distance) from the historic El Paseo where we'll have our reception celebration. If this isn't for you, then check out our other recommendations:

Downtown: Great location in relation to the festivities. And reasonably priced! Another boutique hotel. Upscale B&B. It has an outstanding restaurant within.

By the beach: Charming and reasonably priced on East Beach. Formerly the Radisson. Medium price range. World class luxury on the beach. This illustrious hotel featured in Conde Nast Magazine is an experience in and of itself! Amazing spa and restaurant.

Nestled on the American Riviera: Breathtaking views of the Channel Islands. Elegant & Classy! Ranch style cottages. Peace, quiet & relaxation in Montecito.

More fun bridal showers

I feel so blessed to be marrying into such a wonderful family with close friends equaling our own family friends. Take a peek at some of the photos from two bridal showers........

Chico family & friends shower hosted
by close friend Sue Matheson

My Maid of Honor- Lisa

Everyone needs a good hand held blender

Allison and I at a shower in Sacramento hosted
by close Hine family friend Vikki McGahn