Saturday, June 5, 2010


Jon has spent the past few weekends working on a chicken coop. He placed the final pieces this morning and so we took a family car ride up to Ojai to get some pullets (juvenile chickens to the lay person). We ended up bringing home three different breeds but all are supposed to be good laying hens. In about three months we should have an abundance of eggs to share with all of our family and friends.


So we started giving Leo a little bit of avocado on Memorial Day. He seems to enjoy it more and more each time we give it to him. A part of me feels a little sad that our guy is growing up so fast, but I know it's super healthy for him. Today we tried banana for the first time and it was not well received. I think maybe I need to ripen the banana a little more before we try again. For now, we'll just stick to the avocado.

Memorial Day, Beach Day!

We were blessed with the most gorgeous weather over Memorial Day weekend here. Leo got in two beach days. By the second day he got so comfortable that he actually fell asleep at the beach.

The Bernardi Family visits

A couple weeks ago some in-laws came to visit with their new critter, Baby Lucca. Kim, Lucca, Leo and I had a leisurely lunch on the beach at Shoreline cafe and then when the wind was too much for Leo to handle we hung by the pool at Kim and Neil's hotel and the boys got some sun on those milky white thighs. Later, we got together with the Dad's for dinner out. I think we scared everyone out of the restaurant with our two little guys because everyone left and the six of us had the restaurant to ourselves.


Once a month Leo and I go and meet Jon for lunch. We pack a picnic and go to the park near his office. Leo loves being outdoors and playing with Daddy during the day.

Mommy & Me

Leo and I go to this fun Mommy & Me class on Thursday mornings and a few weeks ago we had a Mother's Day potluck. Leo made friends with an older girl in the class named, Abbie.

Mornings with Daddy

The baby is at his best when he first wakes up in the morning. Jon and I, not so much. But we bring him into our bed and slowly wake up to his precious cooing and giggling.

Discovering Mr. Meowgi

Baby Leo is super in to Mr. Meowgi, our cat. He now smiles every time he spots him and reaches out to touch him. Mr. Meowgi doesn't quite return his affection. Poor kitty, Leo can't really control his grip yet and he grabs on tight and won't let go. Meowgi is not so quick to cuddle up with Leo anymore.