Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our one year anniversary

In the midst of expecting our first child, we took time to celebrate one year of marriage and our "paper" anniversary by writing silly love letters to one another and having a lovely dinner on the water. We also revisited "Wine Lovers" which is the very romantic spot where Jon mustered up the courage to propose to me. It was a great time, even if I had to waddle my way through it.

Flashback to Thanksgiving

I was just sifting through the past years pictures and found this cute one of Jon and I at Thanksgiving. I already forgot how huge I was!

Baby's first road trip

Jon and I having some fun time together on the dance floor.
Baby Leo hanging with Auntie Liz

A few weeks ago we took baby Leo up to the bay area for a friends wedding. While he hated the car ride (who could blame him, I wouldn't want to spend 5 hours in a car seat), He was a real charmer the rest of the weekend.